Sustainable Design 2

With a growing number of LEED Accredited Professionals experienced in hundreds of green buildings, South Coast Engineering Group is focused on sustainability.  Not just a marketing catch phrase, but a practice since our inception, we strive to make engineering decisions based on the overall impact to the building, its utilities and its occupants.  Each building, regardless of any rating sought, is analyzed for environmental impact, energy efficiency and human health and comfort.

Energy efficiency for any project should be maximized over the anticipated lifetime of the equipment, but once again, more needs to be done.  Understanding that our local and national infrastructure can be preserved through onsite renewable energy our clients are trending towards solar water heating, photovoltaic power, geothermal heat transfer, thermal energy storage and natural ventilation.


  • LEED consulting, calculations and documentation
  • Storm water management and storm water treatment design
  • Rainwater harvesting design
  • Grey water system and waste treatment design
  • Water use reduction, calculations and specification
  • Energy performance calculations and specification
  • Building energy modeling
  • Carbon dioxide monitoring system design
  • Solar water heating
  • Life cycle analysis and Commissioning
Rating Sought

  • LEED Certified
  • LEED Certified
  • n/a
  • LEED Silver
  • LEED Certified
  • LEED Certified
  • n/a
  • n/a
  • LEED Certified
  • LEED Silver
  • LEED Silver

  • The Market at 9th and Flower, Los Angeles, California
  • The Cheesecake Factory Restaurant, Los Angeles, California
  • Marriott central plant life cycle analysis, Anaheim, California
  • The W Hotel and Condominiums, Hollywood, California
  • Legacy Apartments, Hollywood, California
  • Fox Studios Building 104, Production Offices, Los Angeles, California
  • Malibu Storm Water Treatment Facility
  • Gold’s Gym solar pool heating, Simi Valley, California
  • The Carlyle Condominiums, Los Angeles, California
  • General Motors LDT, Lansing Michigan
  • U.S. Census Bureau Headquarters, Suitland, Maryland
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