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Mercedes Benz Stadium


Atlanta, Georgia




HOK Architects


1.9 Million Square Feet


New Construction



Mercedes Benz Stadium, located in Atlanta Georgia, is home of the NFL’s Atlanta Falcons. The stadium is multi-purpose; it is used for football games, concerts, and other live events. In 2026, Mercedes Benz Stadium will be hosting the FIFA World Cup.

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The stadium,at 1.9 million square feet with the capacity to fill up to 71,000 seats, stands over 16 stories high, has 20 different private event rooms, multiple food and beverage areas, and much more.

Due to the shape of the roof, this massive structure had to be drained with only four pick-up points, an impossible feat for conventional drainage. To solve this problem, SCEG designed siphonic roof drainage using multiple drains on a common header and equivalent overflows within a stepped gutter.

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