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Santa Monica AET Campus


Santa Monica, California




Clive Wilkinson Architects


3.5 Acres


New Construction


Michael Mahoney

The 3.5 acre Center for Media and Design at Santa Monica College is an expansion of the Academy of Entertainment Technology campus. It includes a new three-story home for the school’s public radio station, NPR affiliate KCRW, a 30,000-square-foot classroom wing, the complete renovation of 50,000-square-foot teaching facility, and a new, seven-story parking structure.

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This project provides the students with a 180-seat auditorium, a large production suite with control booths for broadcasting and film, post-production editing bays, and the latest technology computer classrooms, as well as collaboration spaces, student lounges and faculty offices.

SCEG provided mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering for the campus including a central plant with thermal energy storage. This was the anchor for the project’s LEED Gold status.

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