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Super Silly Fun Land


Universal City, California






25,000 Square Feet


New Construction



In the movie “Despicable Me,” the main characters go to an amusement park. In typical Universal Studios fashion, they wanted to introduce a real-life version of this within the amusement park; they called it “Super Silly Fun Land.”

Super Silly Fun Land is a water park/play area located in Universal Studios Hollywood, directly adjacent to the Minion ride. The attraction has a splash pad that highlights 80 separate water-play features, a dry-play area, and a ride called “Silly Swirl.” SCEG provided HVAC and plumbing engineering services for the attraction.

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SCEG also designed the pool and fountain systems. These included a complex drainage and pre-filter system landing in a custom surge tank suspended on the top floor of a parking garage and a DDC controlled distribution system including high-rate sand filters, attraction pumps, CO2 delivery, UV sterilization, and solenoid valves to choreograph the various water features.

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